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SQL Server Tip of the Day - February 22, 2024

Currency Symbols

In SQL Server, each column, local variable, expression and parameter has a related data type. A data type is an attribute that specifies the type of data that the object can hold, one of which is the monetary data type.  SQL Server has two data types that represent monetary or currency values, namely the MONEY and SMALLMONEY data types.  The main difference between the MONEY and SMALLMONEY data types is the storage size each consumes (8 bytes for MONEY and 4 bytes for SMALLMONEY) and the value range each can hold.

The MONEY and SMALLMONEY data types can use any of the following currency symbols, each of which is also represented by the CHAR or NCHAR value:




$ Dollar Sign CHAR(36)
¢ Cent Sign CHAR(162)
£ Pound Sign CHAR(163)
¤ Currency Sign CHAR(164)
¥ Yen Sign CHAR(165)
Bengali Rupee Mark NCHAR(2546)
Bengali Rupee Sign NCHAR(2547)
฿ Thai Currency Symbol Baht NCHAR(3647)
Euro-Currency Symbol NCHAR(8352)
Colon Sign NCHAR(8353)
Cruzeiro Sign NCHAR(8354)
French Franc Sign NCHAR(8355)
Lira Sign NCHAR(8356)
Mill Sign NCHAR(8357)
Naira Sign NCHAR(8358)
Peseta Sign NCHAR(8359)
Rupee Sign NCHAR(8360)
Won Sign NCHAR(8361)
New Sheqel Sign NCHAR(8362)
Dong Sign NCHAR(8363)
Euro Sign NCHAR(8364)
Kip Sign NCHAR(8365)
Tugrik Sign NCHAR(8366)
Drachma Sign NCHAR(8367)
German Penny Sign NCHAR(8368)
Peso Sign NCHAR(8369)

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